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BFGoodrich Tires New Zealand Car & Light Truck Limited


As the original purchaser of a BFGoodrich® brand passenger or light truck tyre, you are encouraged to read this booklet carefully to determine which warranty coverages apply to the specific tyres that you own. 


Workmanship and Materials

BFGoodrich® brand passenger cars and light truck tyres, used in normal service on the vehicle on which they were originally fitted and in accordance with the maintenance recommendations and safety warnings of the BFGoodrich are covered by a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials subject to following conditions:

• The warranty shall be for the life of the original usable tread pattern or six years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.

• Date of purchase is documented by new vehicle registration (where the tyres were fitted on a new vehicle) or original tyre sales invoice. If there is no proof of purchase, the warranty will be based on the date of manufacture.

• The warranty period of 6 years from date of purchase is limited to a maximum tyre age of 9 years from the date of manufacture.

• At the end of the relevant periods stated in the paragraphs above, all warranties, express or implied are terminated.

• The original usable tread pattern is the original pattern down to the level of the tread pattern wear indicators - 1.6mm of tread pattern remaining.

Replacement will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions described under “HOW REPLACEMENT CHARGES ARE CALCULATED.”


Tyres which become unserviceable due to:

• Road hazard injury (e.g., a cut, snag, bruise, impact damage or puncture, whether repairable or not);

• Incorrect mounting of the tyre, tyre/wheel imbalance or improper repair;

• Misapplication, improper maintenance, racing, under-inflation, over-inflation or other abuse;

• Uneven or rapid wear which is caused by mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment, (a measured tread difference of 1.6mmor more across the tread on the same tyre);

• Tyres fitted to or used with incompatible or improper valves, rims or wheels;

• Vehicles which are carrying loads or running at speeds higher than the load and speed index marked on the tyre sidewalls or that recommended for the vehicles; 

• Tyres which have not been fitted or used in accordance with the technical recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer as published from time to time;

• Accident, fire, chemical corrosion, tyre alteration or vandalism;

• Improper storage

• Flat spotting caused by improper storage or brakelock;

• Climatic or ozone effects.

• The addition of liquid, solid or gaseous materials other than air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide (for example, waterbase sealers or balancing substances);

• Tyres purchased second hand

• Tyres purchased from any entity not authorised by BFGoodrich

• Tyres purchased from the website of any entity not authorised by BFGoodrich 


A tyre which becomes unserviceable due to a condition covered by this workmanship and materials limited warranty will be replaced with a comparable new BFGoodrich® brand tyre, free of charge, when 1.6mm or less of the original tread is worn, (or 25% or less, whichever is more beneficial to you) and within 12 months of the date of purchase. You pay the cost of any other service charges and applicable taxes.

When more than 1.6mm of original tread has been worn (or more than 25%, whichever is more beneficial to you) or after 12 months from the date of purchase, (you will be reimbursed for the value of the tyre based on the remaining tread depth or such other form of compensation according to prevailing commercial policy). This list is based on a predetermined price intended to fairly represent the actual selling price of the tyre.

You pay the cost of mounting, balancing, and any other service charges and applicable taxes.

Tyres presented to an authorised BFGoodrich® Dealer for compensation remain the property of the consumer and BFGoodrich® accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to tyres which are in the custody or control of an authorised BFGoodrich® Dealer for the purposes of inspection. Tyres accepted by an authorised BFGoodrich® Dealer for compensation become the property of BFGoodrich®. In the event of a dispute, the consumer must make the tyre available for further inspection.

No authorised BFGoodrich® Dealer, representative or employee has the authority to make or imply any representation, promise or agreement that in any way varies the terms of this warranty. Except as expressly provided for in this warranty, all other implied warranty, guarantee, representation, promise or agreement and liability arising from breach of the foregoing are excluded to the extent permitted by law.